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We’d like to introduce you to some of the people
who make Rocket Magic what it is today.


Whether for the circle of the most important trade visitors or for the large mass - help your product to get more attention and viral marketing. With illusions and magical effects, we stage your product in a way that millions of people are interested in it - or those who are particularly important to you.


A product launch with Rocket Magic guarantees the visibility you are aiming for. We accompany you from the idea to the implementation in the media. We provide traffic on the internet and in social media, as well as distribution in traditional or specialist media.

In his many years in showbusiness, Julius Frack, CEO and founder of Rocket Magic was challenged many times to achieve world class marketing results for his clients with magic and illusion effects in live show settings. One key to the success of the events he created was media and visuals designer Michael Chiaretta. With the experience of 20 years of planning and performing high class product launch, marketing and product-based entertainment events, Julius and Michael decided to extend their work with the foundation of a marketing agency based on magic and visual effects.

With our team of specialists we are able to promote products and brands by using magic effects and illusions in live show settings and presentations. We're also able to move big and heavy objects like trucks, cars, busses and machines and make them appear, disappear and levitate. The only limitation in achieving new and unusual settings and visuals for your product or brand is the imagination. We create effects, people will be talking about. 

We not only create the effect and the visual presentation of your product and brand, we also cover the promotion and the results of your event in all available media channels. 

1. We evaluate your product and the magical ways to stage it.


2. We generate the project outline including technical requirements and budgeting


3. We present various options according to your wishes and ideas


4. The next step is the project planning in close coordination with you and the location in which the project is to be carried out


5. We implement Part I of the media campaign with reference to your product launch, to arouse interest and tension


6. We carry out the project with full media support, film and photo production on site


7. We implement part II of the media campaign with videos, pictures and texts of the event


7. We provide you with all the produced media content for your own use

Meet Some of Our Clients








Hugo Boss


 FC Bayern München






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