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Julius Frack

Founder, CEO and creative director of Rocket Magic.

"I'm curious about your ideas and visions for your dream event and I'm full of ideas to make your dream come true."


Michael Chiaretta

Co-Founder, photographer, filmmaker, visual arts and animation specialist.

"I've always been fascinated by the appeal of visuals and the possibilities to create unforgettable images."


Jürgen Reidelbach

Head technician, light designer and creator of stage effects.

"Light, effects and atmospheric density, these are my recipes to make a show exciting and special."


Steffen Spielberger

Head engineer, builder, designer and creator of special effects.

"To combine state of the art methods, craftsmanship and technology with creativity and security is what drives me every day."


Laura Stecher-Ray

Event coordinator, staff manager, choreographer and planner. 

"I love to create, organize and structure events. I'm a perfectionist and you deserve a perfectly organized event.”

Daniel Stecher-Ray

Booking manager, organizer and event planner.

"I love to actually draw all I can envision for an upcoming event. With a fully-loaded script, I will be prepared for our first meeting and perfectly realize your event."

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